Bristol-based producer and tablista with a background of musical talent. JahBang has a diverse interest in world music and multi genres which are reflected in Jahbang music: electronic, ambient, trip hop, dub and call it what you like styles - creating an underivative  World Dub Sound.

JahBang's innovative fusion of the tabla with electronic music owes a lot to an apprenticeship which took place in Bristol with a renowned Tabla maestro from Kolkata of the Farukhabad Gharana (style). 

Although different sounds and instruments are used in JahBang music the tabla remains the dominant instrument during production and composing.

JahBang performs live tabla and is available for gigs and festivals.

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The creative flow

Creativity comes from beyond the mind, so there is that feeling again of sounds and ideas flowing.  Music flows through JahBang from actual Being itself. 

2019 will be a year of more. 

New art work for the next single. Art work by Silent Hobo 

Art work by Silent Hobo.

Art work by Silent Hobo.

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