New Jahbang single 'Bagashree' - releases early summer.


Bristol-based producer and tablista with a background of musical talent. JahBang has a diverse interest in world music and multi genres which are reflected in Jahbang music: electronic, ambient, trip hop, dub and call it what you like styles - 

creating an underivative  World Dub Sound.

JahBang performs live tabla and is available for gigs and festivals worldwide. 

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  • Featured on: GenerAsian Radio-St Valentines Day Massacre Mix.


  • New Jahbang 3 track EP 'Rupak Beats Ep' will release by the summer. Three tracks composed in Rupak Tal (Seven Beats per bar). Updates to follow.

  • New Jahbang single 'Bagashree' to release by summer 2018.  Updates to follow.


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